People dancing; jazz singer on stage

“Dance with Me”

houses nestled in hillside

“Hillside in Tuscany”

three women in dresses walking up a hill

“Girl Talk”

stilllife with glass vase of flowers and peaches


empty city street

“Tuscany Street Scene”

cab, double-decker bus, and London Eye


blue bead with gold accent

blue bead with gold accent

Two mason jars with flowers




symphony orchestra

“Opening Night”

dog's head


red awning with flower varieties

“French Flower Market”

saxophone player

“Jazz at the O. Henry”

multiple sizes of coffee mugs

“Coffee Cups”

Street scene with people

“San Francisco”

red roses in glass vase

“Roses & Sunlight”

house in trees at the base of the mountain

“Blue Ridge Mountains”

two girls in water with toy sailboat


city street with couple under an umbrella

“Walking in the Rain”

woman lounging in chair

“Reclining Woman”

bridge over the Arno

“Ponte Vecchio”

watercolor on acrylic

watercolor on acrylic